Welcome to Hair Solutions - Software to manage your Hair Replacement Center

  Welcome to Hair Solutions
  Hair Solutions is a custom tailored Hair Replacement software package for today's fast paced hair replacement world. Hair Solutions takes the hassle and expense out of needing several separate applications to run your Hair Replacement Center. Imagine having the ability to integrate a fully functional Point Of Sale system with all of your hair replacement and product needs.

   The Appointment Book includes orders, programs and contracts. You will know exactly where your clients are in their programs. How many systems are left to deliver, how many services remain in their current contract. When your client checks out, services and deliveries are automatically deducted from their current contract. Hair Solutions has introduced the Electronic Order Form. You can now create a client hair order and EMail it to your provider. Track when an order was created, who created it and which factory is making the system and when it's due.

  We know at Hair Solutioins that your time is very valuable. If you would like to schedule a demonstration of the Hair Solutions software package please click the button to schedule a time for the demonstration.

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