Hair Solutions About Us
Michael Son - Director of Operations

  On January 1st 2000, I was guided to buy a hair replacement center in Tulsa Oklahoma. For the past 17 years I have helped hundreds of women and men of all ages get back in the game by solving their hair loss needs. We have been blessed in winning many prestigious awards for our efforts. I have always had a passion for helping my clients And sharing information with other people in the hair loss world.
  I was using the Norwegian hair loss software package to run my business that was developed back in the 90's. But alas it died. In 2005 I acquired a prototype piece of software to fill my loss. It was pitched and never reached the market. Michael Schley and I joined forces to bring the software package up to modern standards. Our goal was to tame the beast that all hair loss clinics/salons juggle on a daily basis. Thus Hair Solutions was born!

Michael Schley - Chief Executive Officer

   In January of 1982 I began my software career in the media industry. I developed software systems to help advertisers buy and sell air time. I have developed many applications in various languages to help clients meet their needs. A few years ago I developed a prototype piece of software for the hair replacement industry. I was surprised to discover that there was no software specifically designed for the hair replacement industry to meet the daily needs of a hair replacement center. With the guidance of Michael Son and others we have built Hair Solutions with the sole purpose of having one piece of software to meet all of your daily needs.

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