Hair Solutions Testimonials
  I wanted to express my opinion and gratitude for the Hair Solutions program you have developed. I have been in the business for about 15 years and this is the best program that has ever come along. I feel I will be able to use this program for many years. I have tried several different programs. While some of them have attributes, there is nothing I can find that will let me run my shop with just one program. HAIR SOLUTIONS is a great system. It allows me to maintain all the records I need, with one program, usually involving only one entry that extends to all my records.
  It has a great Orderbook that not only allows you to enter orders, but also allows the creation of order forms for email, fax, or U.S. Mail and keeps a record of such order for viewing. I have received rave reviews from my Hair Providers over this feature, Not only are the orders complete, but they do not have to decipher my handwriting, since everything is typed.
  The appointment book is beyond anything I have seen. It provides so much information it is a pleasure for the technicians to get all the Information necessary for the procedure in one easy viewpoint. No more searching to find account information, payment procedures, balances, etc.It is all in one place, allowing the technician to spend more time applying service And less time looking for information. It helps provide more service to clients in a shorter time frame, thus, increasing income for the technicians and store.
  There are so many helpful features it is impossible to comment on all. Additional features include creating programs and contracts, then marrying the two together with a permanent history of each. I would be remiss If I didn't express my thanks to each of you for the great help you have been in training and explaining the program. As a layman I truly appreciate the KISS method you have used in your development (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!)
- Tom Of Little Rock -
  I have recently been given the oportunity to look at the New Hair Solutions program. In my 18 years In the hair replacement business I have not seen a complete retail program that will allows you to keep track of clients, service history, and purchase history. Since I am in the manufacturing side of the business I was very impressed with the digital order form.
  I was able to create a custom order that included a special design for the base. I had the ability to email or print the order and it was saved to the clients purchase history and I was able to pull the order up and make changes and email the order. I see hundreds Of order forms a week and see many delays on orders due to the factory not being able to read the information clearly. This order process will eliminate many simple errors that can cause the order to be delayed. My staff is able to receive the digital orders, give the order number and forward to the factory and send confirmation back to the retail center with the confirmation number. This program has streamlined client records and ordering. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
- Timothy Of APOLLO Corp. -
  Hair Solutions has allowed us to focus on our clients. The program has been very easy to learn. It's quick and easy to look up client information. It has enabled us to execute better service to our clients. This progam has helped take our business to a different level.
- Meloney Of Tulsa -
  Thanks to Hair Solutions we have been able to perform our daily matters efficiently. Checking clients out and making appointments couldn't be easier. Very User friendly!
- Kaci Of Tulsa -
  I have enjoyed the completeness Of Hair Solutions software for my hair loss center. It makes my business look and run With great accuracy. With the Orderbook, I can track all Of my hair replacement orders, send hair replacement orders electronically and keep up with all of my client contracts. In 17 years no other program has given a solution to all our special business needs. It's also east to teach and fun to use. Can't imagine life without Hair Solutions!
- Michael Of Tulsa -
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