Hair Solutions Features
-- Appointment Book --
 Imagine an appointment book with simple to enter, easy to access features. Yes it's true. We have designed it to be the control center/heart of your office. With your calendar to the left, multifunction tabs above, the expandable screen in front, Hair Solutions can drive the busiest of your office. With just a few mouse clicks you can create client appointments for any staff member. Include services, orders, contracts and products. Quickly create recurring appointments and jump to any day of the month with a single click.With the "Week at a Glance" feature you can take a quick look at the week ahead for any staff member.
-- OrderBook --
 At a glance you can easily see the daily progress and location of each client's order in your office. The Orderbook is accessible from many different areas of your Hair Solution software. So many cross references makes Hair Solutions, the "Gold Standard", for hair replacement software. By knowing a client's status, at all times by your team, you look more professional and clients will be more inclined to spend more money for your hair loss services and products.
 Hair Solutions has introduced the Electronic Order form. You can now create all of your hair orders within Hair Solutions. You can draw the custom design pattern and custom color layout information directly within the system. Once you have entered all of the information for the hair order you can Email the order directly to your provider. Image not having to "Write Out" an order again. Now you don't have to worry about a persons hand writing to have an order filled. The Electronic Order Form will cut down on the number of remakes that a store issues due to a "clean" order form.
-- Client Contracts --
 The Client Contract Section is a very critical section to make your business stay on track. Nothing makes a great business relationship like a good boundaries contract. After building a list of available programs, Simply select a client, select a program and your on your way. Of course you can modify the contract as needed. Once the contract has been activated the orders are placed into the OrderBook waiting to be ordered. When you get ready to place a clients order in the OrderBook, the OrderBook will show you the orders that need to be ordered. Hair Solutions keeps track of the contract activation dates and will notify you when a contract is about to expire.
Hair Solutions allows you to create hardcopy contracts. You can create a contract document that will be printed out when you actually sell a contract with your important program details and client information. Imagine quickly printing out a professional looking client contract after you sell a program.
-- Electronic Order Form --
 Hair Solutions is the first software system to incorparate Electronic Ordering.
You now can create, edit, update and save hair orders in an electronic format. Hair Solutions allows you to select exactly how the unit will be made. You can draw the Custom Hair Design and draw the Color Layout Design. You no longer have to worry about your handwriting. Everything is typed into the electronic order form. Once you have completed the order you can email the order directly from the software up to your provider for processing. Your provider can turn right around and send the order over to the factory. From the time you create the order, some suppliers can have your order at the factory in as little as 15 minutes.
 With the Electronic Order Form you will be saving time And reducing errors with your hair orders. Also you will be reducing the number of remakes that you have had to deal with in the past.
-- Client Information --
 The Client Information section contains everything about your clients account, Services, Products, Order History, Plan Detail, Ticket History are all at your finger tips. Hair Solutions also gives you a variety of personal information, including mobile provider and email options, For a more personal method Of contact. For your increasing Hair Therapy clients, use our image tab. Insert photos of all their exciting new hair growth, favorite cut-In's or profile picture.
-- Inventory Control --
 You have a complete list of all the services you provide, product inventory and inventory providers. Once you insert you basic information this section will alert you of what inventory items need to be reordered. The colored lights make a quick view of products that need to be ordered. Definitely saves time and money. Hair Solutions allows you to reorder needed inventory directly from the software via the Email purchase order form. Having the service listing helps when setting appointments for each clients or deliveries out of the Orderbook.
-- Client Accounting --
  The Client Accounting section allows you to track all of your clients payment history, store revenues and monthly reports. You can also run monthly billing for all of your contract clients and post their monthly payment to their account for later collection. For those clients that are on credit card payments you may process their monthly billing with their credit card information in one easy step. Enjoy how easily you can run all of your credit card payments and process monthly billing...All from one screen.
  The Month End report shows you all of the money you have collected broken out by credit cards, checks and cash.You may also see who the top sellers of your store are. Break outs by staff member, products sold, Services sold, contracts delivered, Gratuity and Taxes collected. All of this is password protected so you can make sure only authorized members can review this information.
-- Staff Time Card --
 The Staff Time Card allows you To track all Of your employee's time.
The Time Card will track all of the hours a staff member works at your shop. The system tracks when the staff member clocks in, clocks out and takes lunch. The time card also allows for the unexected times that a staff member might have to leave for the day.
This information is applied to the payroll section so you know exactly how long an employee has worked for a given period of time.
 Within the Time Card you can also get a quick look at the staff member's works schedule and review their upcoming appointments with clients.
-- Client Notifications --
 The Client Notications allows you to stay in touch with your clients.
With the Client Notications you are able to send clients an EMail or Text Messages reminding them of their upcoming appointment with you. You can personalise the emails that are sent to the clients. You may select Fonts, Colors, Sizes and the actual content for the client emails thus making your emails have that "personal touch".
 You may also send EMails and Text Messages to clients that have nothing to do with upcoming appointments. For example just wishing them a Happy Birthday or a seasonal greeting. This reduces the need to jump to another package to send just an EMail or Text Message.
-- System Reports --
 The System Reports allow you to generate reports about the status of your shop.
The System Reports Section contains reports for clients, staff, shop information, Tax information And Month End Reports. You can breakout staff information for commissions, upcoming appointments, work schedules And gratuity. You can print inventory reports, product reports, service reports, contracts, client historyjust to name a few. All of the reports that Hair Solutions creates can be saved as PDF files so they can be saved, printed or emailed as needed.
-- Register --
 The Register Sections handles all Of your transactional needs.
Whether you check a client out, Create a Quick Sale Ticket, selling products, services or contracts all Of the transactional information is handled throught the register. This allows Hair Solutions to maintain a full history of everything the client has purchased from you, When they purchased it, how much they paid and who processed the information.
  The Register also allows you to check the status of any programs that maybe active For a client at the time Of processing a ticket. You have a quick view of their purchase history so you can see how often a client purchases various products and see If a client might need additional products at the time Of check out.
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